• 3•14•15 can’t get here quick enough #justinandrebekah

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    my heart is so full. I love to see you happy. #justinandrebekah #letsplanthisweddingthough (at Starbucks)

    when i saw this picture from the night after he proposed, i teared up just looking at myself so peacefully enjoying the embrace of the man i’m spending the rest of my life with. so glad that God’s hands led me into your arms, babe <3

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    Not the best quality but MY BEST FRIEND IS ENGAGED! I am so so so excited that the Lord allowed Rebekah and Justin to meet and fall in love. Now she gets to marry the love of her life! You two are perfect! I’m so happy for y’all! Love you guys so much!


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    can I have all of these

    the prettiest

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  • like i have been falling asleep at 10:30 all week and now here we are at 3:34 am on the one morning it really matters and i’m so.wide.awake

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  • Game day with this cuddle muffin! Another gamecock fan bulldog, y’all :) #myself #obi

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  • "keep your eyes on the long-hairs, the barefoots,the weirdos. pay attention to the artists, the musicians, the writers. they know what’s going on."
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    #ELECTRICCATHEDRAL worship x (#forthecitymovement ) (at Sacred Heart Cultural Center)


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  • Karen Kilby (via blakebaggott)
  • "The theologian is one who prays and stumbles in her prayer and starts to think about her stumbling."
  • "Your Hands," J. J. Heller
  • "

    I have unanswered prayers.
    I have trouble I wish wasn’t there.
    I have asked a thousand ways
    For You to take my pain away…
    When You walked upon the earth,
    You healed the broken, lost, and hurt.
    I know You hate to see my cry.
    One day, You will set all things right.

    When my world is shaking,
    Heaven stands.
    When my heart is breaking,
    I never leave Your hands.